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To address social or societal problems, we apply our genius in data science and engineering for the good of all



Using predictive analytics and machine learning engineered for our clients, we make tools for trackable social change.



We solve problems with real, effective data solutions that lead to more vibrant local, national and global communities.

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About Uptake

Uptake is a Chicago-based predictive analytics SaaS platform provider that empowers major industry leaders to optimize performance, reduce asset failures and enhance safety. At Uptake, we combine our strengths—machine learning, analytics, data visualization and software development—with the expertise of our industrial partners. The result is enormous savings in development time and resources for Uptake’s partners and a proven industrial grade software platform that delivers value to partners and their end customers.

This isn’t your average job, and Uptake’s not your average company. Together as a team of PhDs, engineers, MDs, lawyers, technologists, data scientists, designers and operators, we’ve pooled our experience leading technology startups, big data software giants and Fortune 500 companies. We build and deliver. We also dare to dream. Together, we tackle the hardest problems at the core of industry and infrastructure.

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